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Ahmed Zakari & Co. (Chartered Accountants) is a firm of chartered accountants licensed and approved by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) to practice Accountancy. The firm is also registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to act as Reporting Accountants. The firm operates as a centralized coordinated organisation with one central office in Kano and one branch offices in Lagos.

To date, the firm has four Partners and employs twenty two (22) professional staff, some of whom are qualified chartered accountants, chartered tax practitioners or MBAís while some others are in various stages of professional qualification.

The firm, together with its partners and senior managers combined, have to date provided professional services to more than one hundred (100) clients nationwide. The firm guarantees a consistently high quality service through Partners, Consultants, Managers and Associates who share a common business culture, speak a common business language and most, have a common training background.

The overriding aim of our partners, consultants, managers and associates is to ensure that the firmís professional reputation with its clients - often developed over many years - is based upon mutual trust, engendered by the maintenance of the highest ethical standards. These ethical standards include the need to be, and the need to be seen to be, professionally independent in all the work we do and to treat all the information we receive from clients in the strictest professional confidence.

To achieve teamwork with a client, the firm strives to develop an understanding of the clientís organisation and to create a rapport with its people. Developing a constructive relationship with the client is a prerequisite for a successful relationship. No two businesses are alike, no two problems are the same; clients donít share the same style.
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